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Home Entertainment News Covid-19:UK records 101 death more that previous weeks

Covid-19:UK records 101 death more that previous weeks

Today’s daily increase is 101 more deaths than the previous record of 1,224 on April 21. The number of cases also increased by 68,053, with a total of 2,957,472. Increased numbers are partly stimulated by the new COVID-19 strain that has struck South East and London.

“Brexit regrets as the Germans warn the departure of the United Kingdom of a heavy blow: ‘Bells are tolling! ‘
Such is the dire situation in London that Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared to be a major incident.

Not only did the Mayor announce a major incident, but some of the GSP trusts in the capital are now reporting that they are close to full capacity.

The total number of coronavirus cases increased to 463,539 on 7 January.

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