Just as we told you that as of June, MultiChoice Nigeria will raise its subscription fee for all DStv packages and some packages will be cancelled.

Well, earlier today, DStv sent SMS messages to all her subscribers informing them of the new price rate taking effect in a few weeks.

According to the text directed to customers,  effective from 1 June 2020 7.5% VAT will be applied to all DStv packages… meaning you are going to be paying higher prices as seen below;

New DSTV Prices Effective from June 1st:

DSTV Padi: N1800 to N1850

DSTV Access: N2000 to N2150

DSTV Yanga: N2500 to N2565

DSTV Family: N4000 to N4300

DSTV Confam: N4500 to N4615

DSTV Compact: N6800 to N6975

DSTV Compact +: N10,650 to N10,925

DSTV Premium: N15,800 to N16,200

For GOtv Users, here are the Changes

GOtv Max: N3200 to N3280

GOtv Jolli: N2400 to N2460

GOtv Jinja: N1600 to N1640

GOtv Lite: N400 to N410

My advice is if you can let go of  your DStv for now, please do and if you don’t mind the new price increase, then you can continue subscribing.

To those who can’t continue paying that exorbitant prices on subscription packages, Netflix is here to the rescue; the subscription is cheap and doesn’t consume much data if your device is well optimized.

In my opinion, this is not the best time for DStv to increase its subscription price, knowing fully well that a lot of households are running short of finance or perhaps struggling to make ends meet.


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