It appears the Nigerian Twitter community is a breeding ground for craziness and stories which have gone viral on the app has proven this to be true. Currently causing a buzz on the app is the drama that occurred between two Twitter celebs.
Trouble started when Twitter user, @omohtee12 made a tweet insinuating that @EdoFirstLady was not physically appealing, especially for someone who is fond of throwing shade at other ladies.
@EdoFirstLady responded telling her in clear terms that if she didn’t like her pictures, she was free to look the other way and stop feeling important about herself. A war of words ensued between the two ladies, much to the entertainment of fellow Twitter users.
While the ladies brazenly boasted about their physical appeal, going under the knife and self-esteem percentage, what stood out most for Twitter users was the fact that @EdoFirstLady tagged @omohtee12 a “low budget Ikeja Amber Rose”.
See their exchange below;


– Two twitter ladies confront each other with their life achievements.

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