Black is beautiful, black is Africa, most girls are just proud in their skin complexion, gone are those days where girls feel embarrassed or body shamed when called black, or referred to as you are too black, they find it as a compliment these days, I remember when they sang brown skin girl, everyone even fair girls tagged themselves to be brown skin which is a pure assurance that black is gold, black is beautiful, black is exceptional, if you are a fair girl here and you are reading this, don’t feel exempted, everyone is beautiful in their way.

Have You ever come in contact with some black African women and wonder how God specially created them? Some are beautifully and wonderfully made, no editing or bleaching, pure and gorgeous, melanin popping brown skin girl.

Black girls are exceptionally beautiful, hardly will you see one ugly black girl unless she doesn’t have enough money yet to take of themselves, but let that kind of personal touch the money for just a month, you will see the beauty in them.

A nurse identified as Uche Mba, with her Instagram name EverythingUchemba has left eye falling after she posted her pictures on her social media, a lot of guys reposted and can help but exclaim that this is the like of nurse they want to see each time they visit the hospital.

 A young Nigeria man has opened up that if she is his nurse, he will always fall sick and visit the hospital on only her shifts to make sure he beholds her dazzling body.

This is awesome, not just beautiful, she has a brain also, she is beautiful with the brain, this is the likes of a woman every man wants to harbor.

This kind of lady is every man’s dream, a hardworking lady, not a liability that will want you to always spend on her without working anything.


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