Cargo shipping is simply the transport of bulky goods by specialized ships across the world. These means of transport has become safer to the stability of the global economy since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major fluctuations in trade across the world, and this affected container shipping and carriers.

Profits have improved substantially, which can be calculated in some cases by record margins, as consumer demand has boomed, coinciding with high freight rates and low bunkering prices.

Container shipping lines became global news in March 2021 when the Suez Canal was obstructed by the grounded Ever Given, a 19,000 TEU vessel. More than 300 vessels carrying all types of cargo were held at anchor and many more chose to divert around the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

With these two crises, the importance of cargo shipping and the supply chains they support have never been so important.

Types of cargo shipping

There are various types of ships that carry many types of cargo types of cargo such as oil, scrap metal, cars, iron ore, diesel, petrol, food and drink, electrical and electronics equipment, raw materials for manufacturing and commodity bulk cargo such as coffee.

Refrigerated containers (reefer)

Cargo shipping
A reefer ship

These carry food and perishable items. Carriers have substantially increased their reefer container capacity in recent years, in order for perishable items, such as fruits and vegetables, to meet growing consumer demands in major markets.

These special dehumidified containers ensure a temperature range from -35 degrees to up to +30 degrees when the ambient temperature is up to 50 degrees.


Cargo shipping
Oil tankers being transported

Tankers are Specialized ships use in transporting liquefied natural gas, crude oil from oil fields to refineries or petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, or petrochemical feedstock from refineries to distribution centres.

Edible oil and fruit juices can also be transported through ship. On these ships, the cargo is usually carried in large refrigerated containers refrigerated containers that fit into the hold.

Ro-ro cargo shipping.

Ro-ro refers to roll on and roll off.

It functions as a convey service where cars are moved around the boundary of coast of a nation or neighbouring countries.

Cargo shipping
Ro-ro ship

Ships called Ro-Ro (Roll on, roll off) are used for conveying such cargo over coastlines.

They are specially built to withstand the large load exerted by the vehicles, while also taking into account the forces exerted on the aft when the vehicles are loaded or lowered on to the ship.

Container cargo

Cargo shipping
Container cargo

Paper, electronics, bags of cocoa, toys, clothings, phone accessories, cosmetics and parts of wind turbines are all products that can be transported in a container or simply put on a vessel through cargo shipping

They are not packaged separately, but often packaged on pallets, in crates or racks,  transported in large quantities in the hold of a ship, wagon or lorry.

A crane or forklift truck can easily load or discharge the goods.

Dry bulk carrier ship

Cargo shipping
Dry bulk carrier

Dry bulk refers to grain, coal, iron ore, cement, sugar, salt and sand.

They are not packaged separately, but transported in large quantities in the hold of a ship, wagon or lorry to where it has to be dispatch.

Ships can also carry rare and precious items also harmful chemicals. The transportation of such goods came under inspection in 2020 when a cargo of chemical goods exploded at the Port of Beirut, Lebanon.


This article is about cargo shipping, this means of bulky goods transport is important in every areas of our endeavors. Are u an importer or exporter or u want to be one. Cargo shipping is best and safe.

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