Moesha Budoung is only known for one popular thing on Instagram, that is her big and huge backside. Her shape is so curvy that she literally breaks the internet whenever she posts saucy or racy photos.

Truth be told, she was the one who popularised posing in photos and showing your backside. Hypocritically, many Ghanaian girls who criticise her are now copying her old style.

Her photos needless to say are very enticing and hot to watch. Photos of her in bikini breaks the internet the more. She posts other decent pictures too when she goes for occasions.

But those pictures do not get engagements as the ones she takes in a bikini or in a pool. Her bikini and hot pictures gets more like than her decent pictures.

Below are the pictures of Moesha Budoung which is very hard for most Ghanaian men to resist her.


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