Beauty will always be either comparable to each other or more than each other in terms of rating, no matter how attractive you are, you will find someone else who is more or less attractive to you, that illustrates that all fingers are not equal.

Jamie Namulema who’s known as an entrepreneur in Uganda and the CEO of African Bags is exhibiting a good sense of fashion in most of her photos on Instagram which earned her more followers not less than 80,000. Being a Muslim orphan, she focused on business to make both ends meet after graduating in 2019 claiming that her story will inspire people as shown in her profile below;

Well, let’s view some of her stunning photos below;

However, here is the curvaceous South African lady namely Shiphokazi Mthethwa who’s is civil engineer, most of the photos she releases on Instagram are shot in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, a popular city in South Africa.

Shiphokazi is an Instagram influencer admired by over 60,000 netizens, she is also the founder of a fashion brand namely “Kazie LaCrochet and she also have skills in safety management as her profile says below;

Also, let’s have a view of some of her photos got from her Instagram handle below;

To say the fact, who is the most beautiful

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