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Senator Bernie Sanders is dropping out of the 2020 Presidential Race, effectively clearing the way for former Vice President Joe Biden to take the Democratic nomination.

The 78-year-old made the announcement during a call with his campaign staff, CNN reports. He has not released an additional comment for the public at this time.

Senator Sanders was extremely popular with youth voters and had at least 35 celebrities who were endorsing him to be the next president.

The 2020 Presidential election will take place in November of 2020, and it looks like Donald Trump will be taking on Joe Biden.

In his word;

“If you think that during a campaign, you’re not going to see a lot of money from the Trump administration going to battleground states Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, you would be grossly underestimating the venality of this president,” Sanders said from Burlington, VT, where he was connected by video chat to Maher, who returned this week to host his HBO from his Los Angeles home.

End of quote.

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