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Noah Wall was born with several medical problems.According to the doctors,when her mother, Shelly was only three months into her pregnancy,the child had already developed a life threatening disease known as ”spinal bifida.”, a condition that affects the spinal and prevents it from developing properly when the child is in the mother’s womb.

As soon as the doctors found about the condition of Shelly’s baby, they became highly concerned,especially for the baby survival, as Shelly reached the later half of her pregnancy,both,the baby and the mother,were given special attention and care. The growth was monitored closely.

He was later diagnosed with hydrocephalus , a condition cause swelling in the brain,as the fluid was building up,it was also damaging his brain,then the delivery took place, Noah was born with an abnormally big head,which was as a result of the swelling and has caused damage to his brain tissues, but the doctors did not want to lose hope ,so they performed series of test on Noah, just to see if there had been any positive change,unfortunately they weren’t. The couple was devastated,they were not only concerned about their daughter’s fate but also medical bills,however they continue believing, somehow,things will turn in their favour

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