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Just in case you are looking to give your monotonous eye make-up a boost. Here’s an artiste’s insight!

Who doesn’t want to beat their face like their makeup artiste? We think repeating the same steps can grow to become super boring. Being a little diamond in the rough sometimes shouldn’t hurt. It should infact pay off.

Make-up is a very tricky subject for women because they (more like we) always find it difficult to keep up with trends. Unlike keeping up with trendy fashion which is much easier, new trends in makeup always come with tricks that sometimes take a while for non-professionals to master.


Clean and simple beat is the recommendation for everyday but what happens to days you feel like being extra? Eye make-up could be your go-to for that change you need.


For that sake, we would be following a make-up artiste’s guide. The guide entails the incorporation of glitters to the recommended everyday eye make-up. The matte eye!


According to make-up artiste B&H, glitters can be incorporated with black liners and can be used to add a cut-crease effect to make an impression different from the everyday one. Glitter always makes everything better (in make-up.) A cue or 2 from a professional wouldn’t hurt and luckily we have visuals for it!

Check out a tutorial on the look!

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