A Lady Rejects Offer From Nigeria Man Living InAmerica

A lady has taken to Twitter to reveal how a bold Nigerian man entered her DM to ask her to marry him so he can gain access to America.

According to her, he said they can get a divorce after.

She explained that she kindly declined and went further to help him. Read her post below….

So this Nigerian man messaged me on twitter and says “hello am wondering if you can marry me so I can gain access to America” ….

That was bold !!!

Let me say this ! I responded to him in a kind manner. He stated after that we can divorce when he actually gets to America . I kindly declined. He’s really trying to do better in his life and is desperate for a change . I’m not going to @ him .

With that being said . He said he wanted to go to school In America . Im currently helping him find a school and so far we have found two that will give him housing and some funds to help. He’d have to get a job but he doesn’t mind at all. It’s always good to help others

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