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In recent days, same-sex relationships have been on the rise. It might be difficult to know if a person of the same sex is attracted to you but by studying carefully the following signs, you will surely have the answer.

Intense eye contact

This is one of the very many signs that a person of the same sex is attracted to you. If this person is always staring at you in whatever environment that you share, then it is a direct indication that they really want you.

Shy off awkwardly before you

You may be wondering why a person of the same sex with you always shy off when near you. This should directly tell you that they are interested in you hence feeling awkward every time they are around you.

Desire to touch you

If you are a man and there is this fellow man at work who always likes touching you especially when speaking to you or even go-ahead to hold your hand as you walk then you should be aware that he wants you to be his love partner.

Some will go to the extent of trying to kiss you and if you co-operate then the feelings must be mutual.

Image result for same sex relationships

Text you regularly

If a fellow lady texts you more than a regular friend all in the name of finding out how you are fairing, this should be an indication that she wants you.

Do favours for you

A person interested in you will make sure you are comfortable. If you happen to say that you are hungry while around them, they find a way of getting something for you especially your favourite meal.

Listen and ask genuine questions

A fellow man who is interested in you will make sure he asks more about you and listens keenly so that he can know you better. They will find out more about your likes and dislikes.

Spend much time with you

They will spend a lot of time around your office desk. During off days, they will make sure they visit you at home and if you happen to go for an outing as a big group, they will find a seat for you next to them because they want to be around you the entire time.


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