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Josh Kaufman, is an American business consultant and author of the bestselling Personal MBA. Kaufman tells in his book how to master the secrets of effectiveness.

With a few habits we can significantly improve our productivity, our health and our happiness.

Josh Kaufman’s 7 Habits

1. Go to bed around 9:00 – 10:00 pm each night so we can get up early (5:00 – 7:00 am) every day of the week.

2. Make exercise should be our first morning activity.

3. Complete your Most Important Tasks * before doing anything else.

4. Eliminate refined sugar and cut down on caffeine every day.

5. At the end of each day, write a plan for the next day.

6. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks while doing routine tasks such as cleaning, laundry or the like.

7. Read during the last hour before going to sleep instead of watching TV.

With these simple steps you can achieve a spectacular increase in your productivity, improve your health and, with it, be happier.

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