Pastry and baking programs are advertised by different schools. Foods that are made from flour are called pastries and those who prepare those yummy foods are called pastry chefs. It is the dream of some men/women to become a pastry chef/ a baker, This post of the 7 best pastry & bakery school to apply for in 2022 will help you a lot to enroll in this education and to do better in your choice of profession.

Pastry Chef schools

A pastry chef school is a dietary school that instruct chefs both the foundational and advanced techniques of baking and pastry productions in order to measure up with the international standard.

Baking schools can also be refer as a vocational or skill acquisition learning Centre where one undergo training on kitchen management, production of varieties of sweet and tasty pastries in accordance with international cooking styles as well as other valuable lessons.

How much does one pay to enroll in pastry chef school

Many people who are eager to be pastry chefs are a bit discouraged by the high price tag of enrolling in a dietary or catering school. The tuition fees might differ from the others due to the degree you would like to reach in the profession. Attending one of the best catering schools we will be listing will cost over $45,000 annually. The good  news is that the quality of teaching and learning of these catering schools will make you be better and best in your profession.

Bakery and Pastry chefs Salary

The salary of some bakery and pastry chefs maybe lower or higher depending the geographical location and the company one is working for. While, some bakery and pastry chefs are great entrepreneurs, they established their own company and grow the company.

According to Glassdoor report, the national average salary for bakery and pastry chefs in USA is $39,907 per year . An executive pastry chef earns $63,000 per year.

below are the 7 best bakery and pastry chef school to enroll in 2022

  1. The Culinary Institute of America

    The Culinary Institute of America brings your passion for pastry productions to a higher level it is one of the best bakery and pastry chef school in 2022 to apply for to boost your pastry chef carrier. It was founded by Hyde Park, New York, and it is well recognized for producing highly trained chefs.

    This culinary school is for all things cuisine thus, it offers the Baking and Pastry Arts Associate in Occupational Studies AOS (21 months) and the Baking and Pastry Arts Bachelor degree (38 months).

    They provide some weeks of externship with hands-on training and teachings on how to manage a pastry business.

    The average annual tuition cost is above $40,000 but may reduce if you receive grants or scholarships from the institute. To apply click here

  2.  Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

    Auguste Escoffier school of culinary arts  schools is really for those who enjoys and find interest in cooking varieties of food. The approved school curriculum is based on teaching the cooking skills and techniques of the legendary Auguste Escoffier.

    This school specializes in culinary and pastry arts education for both freshers and professionals.

    Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts offers diploma and degree programs for aspiring pastry chefs and it has many campus of bakery and pastry education all through the US. Moreover,  Auguste Escoffier school of culinary assist almost all their students financially in order to meet up the needs to be in this great institution and to maximize their potentials in learning ability as well as after their graduation.

    Tuition fees  for Auguste Escoffier school is $22,110 excluding other expenses such as accommodation, registration, and so on.

    Click here to learn more about this institution.


  3. The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes

    The international culinary schools at the art institutes is one the best bakery and pastry schools to apply for in 2022, It is a famous institute which offers superb baking and pastry degree and diploma courses in bakery and pastry in its various colleges found in different cities. The art institutes are found in many American cities including Denver, Houston, and Seattle.

    Each of the culinary schools at the arts institute teaches practical  Diploma and associate degree courses and are available at affordable rates and good quality training experience.

    Once registered, you will be taken on courses on a range of international cuisines from French to Middle Eastern. If you choose only Pastry Art courses, you can go for the program.

    Click here to visit the school site, download the brochure and learn more.

  4. The School of Artisan Food

    This is one of the renowned culinary school situated in Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest in the UK. The school is known for providing  conducive environment for in-depth training in the art of bread making, cheese making, and many other artisan skills. The school is well known for their trainings in the productions of healthy, sustainable and delicious foods.

    As an aspired chef you are advised to enroll in this school for the best improvement you need in your profession. This schools is also being recommended by some graduates.

    To know more about this great school click here

  5.  New England Culinary Institute 

    The New England Culinary Institute was founded in England  in 1980 but a branch is located in Vermont, USA.

    This culinary institute is known for producing world-class chefs in many luxury resorts, vacation villas, cruise ships, and hotels.

    The tuition fee without any financial aid is $40,221 but may reduce by 30% if the undergraduate receives aid from the government or from the institute.

    They offer many of the courses such as baking and pastry, culinary arts, food, and beverage management.

    Click here to learn more.

  6. Kendall College, School of Culinary Art

    Kendall college is one of the best bakery and pastry school to apply for. It is a private institution that specializes on production of healthy varieties of pastries and bakeries food product.

    Kendall college is located in Chicago ( illinois) within the national louis university campus. It offers Bachelors and Associates degrees along with certificates courses for students to study in USA.


    Kendall college has the acceptance rate of 98%. Any aspiring chef can always apply for this university and they will admit you into their institute.  It has the best learning environment for all students and making of healthy varieties of pastries and bakeries is like a culture because they enjoy doing them.

 7.    Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

Le Cordon culinary art school is one of the best culinary institute to apply for as an aspiring chef. It is located in Paris, France ,

Many who complete their degrees in this school always come out being better in the society and their do better in their profession  and even perform very well in any part of the world they are working.

You can apply for their pastry chef program in Hollywood Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maimi, and other locations in the US.



The above best culinary school or pastry and bakery institute offers a good quality education for their students with a good learning environment, and they all have one primary thing in common which is training up their students in the foundation and advanced techniques in baking and pastry in order to measure up to international standard.

It will be a good thing in life of anyone aspiring to be a professional chef to go through a training that will help you do amazingly well in your chosen career and the above listed institutes will help you a lot in your choice of school to enroll in.






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