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Finding work outfits that you feel confident and comfortable in (without breaking the bank) is a struggle.

We all hate boring office outfits, My fashion analyst have carried at serveral shopping research on how to get the perfect office outfits but almost everything she found just didn’t felt like her.

We then did as we always do and consulted Pinterest. It’s the best resource because it shows you how to be creative, and gives you the direction you need to find what feels right, instead of spending your money on something so-so.

We found some fun outfit combinations that allowed us to throw color, patterns and comfortable cotton into our everyday attire. Putting yourself and your sense of style into work outfits is the hardest part. So is avoiding being redundant and feeling bogged down by the fact that you’ve been wearing the same blouse and slacks combination every single week.

Feeling fresh, comfortable and self-expressed actually can help you have a more productive and successful workday.

Below are a few fun ideas that we’ve recently come across for inspiration. Some are for the casual days and others the formal days, and at any time you can swap out the heels and be much more casual.


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