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Plus-Sized WifePlus-Sized Wife

VIDEO: Husband Crash-lands While Trying To Carry His Plus-Sized Wife in Church.

It’s that time of the year where wedding bells are ringing everywhere, even with the Covid-19 pandemic, couples are getting married regardless. A friend of mine who got married recently said this is the perfect time to get married.

I will explain the reason why he said that much later, but first let’s head back to the bone of contention.

A short video of an unfortunate but hilarious incident happened in a church during a marriage thanksgiving service of an unidentified man and his wife. The wife as seen in the video is much bigger.

We all know that after marriage, some churches especially Pentecostal usually arrange a thanksgiving service for the newly wedded.

In the video which has since gone viral, the newly wedded husband and wife were dancing to the altar, on reaching there, the husband in trying to be romantic attempted to carry the wife up the stairs to the alter, but she was too heavy for him.

He practically crash-landed on the floor like an airplane carrying too much load. It was a funny incident and the crown at the church laughed and clapped to encourage the young man.

I think the man didn’t do much practice before engaging in this dangerous act, thank God he didn’t claim up the stairs before showing his masculinity, who knows it may have been something else. God forbid lol.

Back to the reason why this Covid-19 era is the best time to get married, well it’s very simple, you’ll spend less.

With the social distancing currently imposed worldwide, people hardly attend events, especially marriages which we know here in Nigeria is usually crowded.

This has reduced the cost of planning marriages by over 40%.

When people don’t attend your wedding, it means you have to spend less on food and drinks.

Genius isn’t it?

So now you don’t have any excuse not to get married this year.

Hope this was entertaining and useful.

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