50 popular and creative babies names for twinsSome distinctive names for twin babies

A name should always have a quality of uniqueness and should have a meaning added to it. So if you are blessed with a boy/girl twins, then dedicate them with a distinctive name.

Let us see what unique name you can give your boy/girl twins:


Both the names are synonyms to each other, where Ethan is a biblical name which means ‘strong’, Wyatt which is a trending girl’s name and has originated from the English surname, it means ‘brave in war’.


Bonnie is a girl’s name, originated from Latin, means ‘Beautiful’ whereas Beau is a French baby name which means ‘Handsome’.


Both the names are originated from Spanish and means ‘God’s gift’. Isn’t that a perfect name for siblings?

While Max is short for Maximilian, which means ‘Greatest’, Emme, is a girl’s name with American origin, meaning ‘Universal’.


Zander can be considered as a short form of Alexander, which means ‘Defending Man’ and Zoe means ‘Life’, and is originated from Greek.

Although Cade has a lot of meanings, according to the Old English, it is a nickname for someone ‘Lumpy’, but it is also counted as a Welsh baby name meaning ‘Small Battle’ or ‘Spirit of the Battle’. It will go well with baby girl’s name June, which has come from the word ‘Juno’, who is a mythological protectress of women and of marriage.

Jonah is a biblical name originated from Hebrew which means ‘Dove’ whereas Claire is a historical name which means ‘Bright and Famous’.

Archer is an English baby name, meaning a ‘Bowman’ while Molly is of Irish, originated from Latin which means ‘Star of the sea’.


While Jade is the short form of Jayden, it is still one of the popular sibling names. The meaning of Jade is ‘Precious Stone’ and has originated from Spanish.


These names have originated from Sanskrit which means ‘Polar Star’, Dhruv is a boy’s name whereas Tara is a girl’s name. They are perfect for your twinkling stars.

Creative twin boys name and meaning

Your boys are always going to be notorious and innovative, so why not give them some innovative names as well. Here is a list of creative names for your babies.


Austin and PhoenixAusten is an English name, meaning ‘Magic’ and Phoenix is a mythical bird which rises from its own ash.


Both the names have originated from Latin and mean ‘conquerors’.


Teddy is an English baby name which means ‘Wealthy Guardian’, and Angelo means ‘Angel’.

Both the names have originated from Latin, Leo means ‘Lion’, whereas Jude which is also a biblical name, it means ‘Praised’.


Jasper is a Persian name, meaning ‘Treasurer’ whereas Jett in English means ‘Black Gemstone’.

James has a meaning ‘Supplant’ whereas Oliver refers to the ‘Olive Tree’.


Both the names mean ‘Jehovah is God’ in Hebrew, just in different order.


Perfect rhyming names for your babies. Wilson means ‘Desire’ whereas Nilson means ‘Victorious’.


Biblically Ian means ‘Gift from God’ and Zachary has originated from Hebrew which means ‘Remembered by God’.


Sounds like the most sophisticated names. Sebastian means ‘Venerable’ whereas Benedict means ‘Blessed’.


Cute Twin Girls Name and Meaning

All babies are cute, but you know who is the cutest? Baby girls! So let’s get the perfect match of cuteness with some cute names for your girl twins.

Eve has originated from Hebrew and Zoe from Greek, and both means ‘Life’.


Phoebe means ‘Bright and Shinning’, derived from Greek mythology and Elsie means ‘God is satisfaction’.


Both are biblical terms which represent the Christian virtues.

These two names share the same meaning ‘Princess’ and are perfect for your babies.

Ava has a meaning ‘Life’ and is a variation in Hebrew, whereas Belle is French for ‘Beautiful’. So together they mean ‘Beautiful Life’.


Biblically the meaning of Olivia is ‘Peace’ and Sophia is a Greek baby name which means ‘Wisdom’.


These rhyming names are just cute. Amelie means hardworking whereas Abrienne is feminine of Abraham, meaning ‘Strength and Power’.


Both are popular English names, which represent autumn and are perfect for your girl babies.


Arianna is a Greek baby name which means ‘Chaste’ whereas Brianna is feminine of Brian and means ‘Strong’.


Originated from Latin and Greek, these baby names mean ‘Beautiful’.

Favorite Twin Babies Name in 2018

Well everyone has their favorite picks when it comes to names, not that they dislike the others, but some are more appealing and unique than the others. So here are some of our favorite names for your twin babies:


Azure is a French baby name which means ‘Sky-Blue’ and Sapphire refers to ‘Blue Jewel’.


Billie is an English name, meaning ‘Resolute Protection’, whereas Pearl represents ‘Purity’ plus it gives the feeling of beauty and dignity.


Ivy represents ‘Fidelity’ and Harriet is a French baby name which means ‘Keeper of the hearth’.


It is perfect for your boy/girl twins. The name Lily is from an English origin which symbolizes ‘Purity and Beauty’, whereas Luke is a biblical name, meaning ‘Light Giving’.


Skylar is a girl’s name and Angus is for your baby boy and both means ‘Strenght and Love’.


Asher has originated from Hebrew and Felix from Latin; both of the names mean ‘Fortunate’.


Christian and Christopher

These are perfect for your twin boys. Christian meaning ‘Follower of Christ’ whereas Christopher means ‘Christ Bearer’.


Both the names have an Irish origin. Teagan means ‘Beautiful’ whereas Maeve means ‘The cause of great joy’.

Unique names of twins

Some names are so unique that as soon as you hear them, they just grab your attention and surprises you. Here is a list of names of twins that will flabbergast you:


Sunny is a great name for your baby girl, and Nikko in Japanese means ‘Sunlight’, which will be perfect for your baby boy.

They are reversed name for your baby girls, Amy means ‘Dearly Loved’ and May means ‘Pearl’.


These are again the reversed names, Aidan means ‘Little Fiery One’ and Nadia means ‘Hope’.


January being the first month of the year means represents ‘door to new beginnings’ and Nova means ‘New’. January is a girl baby’s name whereas Nova is a unisex name.

Some examples of virtue names for boy twins:


(a) Jesse and Nathan:

Both are Hebrew names, meaning ‘Gift from God’.


(b) Joy and Noble:

Joy is derived from French which means ‘Delight’ and Noble has Norman origin, meaning ‘High-Born’ and ‘Distinguished’.


(c) Gabriel and Seth:

Both are biblical names, Gabriel means ‘God is my Strength’ whereas Seth means ‘Appointed’.


(d) Valor and Justus:

Valor means ‘Bravery and Courage’ whereas Justus is a biblical name which means ‘Just and Upright’.


Some virtue names for your girl twins:

(a) Blessing and Bliss

Blessing is from an English origin, meaning ‘Consecrated to God’ and Bliss refers to ‘Joy’.


(b) Charity and Chasity

The French meaning of the name Charity means ‘Christian Love’ and Chasity means ‘Purity and Innocence’.


(c) Felicity and Fidelity

Both are derived from Latin words, Felicity meaning ‘Good Fortune’ and Fidelity means ‘Faithful and Loyal’.


(d) Innocent and Gracy

Innocent is a Latin baby name whereas Gracy is inspired from by grace which means ‘Kindness and Mercy’.


We hope we have helped you decide the names for your twin babies. Just keep in mind to pick a name which is unique and has a meaning added to it. But whatever you decide to name your babies, they are just going to be a full package of double adorability

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