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5 Ways To Keep Your Child’s Brain Sharp Through TCM

5 Ways To Keep Your Child’s Brain Sharp Through TCM

With the End-of-Year examinations and PSLE just around the corner, your kids might need that extra boost of focus or energy to help them better prepare for their exams or even improve their performance when taking those papers. Here are some recommended TCM herbs and supplements that will keep your child’s brain sharp for the trying times ahead!

TCM herbs and supplements to support your child’s brain

1. Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Fish oil contains a lot of Omega-3s which contribute to brain and eye development. They also fight inflammation and may help prevent heart disease and a decline in brain function. Fish oil supplements have also been known to help reduce hyperactivity, inattention, and other negative behaviours which can interfere with learning and development. Consider Eu Yan Sang’s Odourless Omega 3 Fish Oil which supports a healthy heart, skin and bones as well. It has high concentrations of Omega 3 fatty acids, and is odourless, so it is perfect for fussy children!

2. Ginseng

TCM herbs and supplements
TCM herbs and supplements

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Ginseng can help improve brain functions like memory, behaviour and mood. Studies have also shown that consumption of Ginseng resulted in better mathematical skills, calmness, and mental performance in children. It also boosts the immune system and increases energy levels.

3. Chicken Essence

Power Up! Concentration. | Image source: Eu Yan Sang

Chicken Essence is known for how it can reduce fatigue, help stress recovery, and increase mental efficiency.  It can also be consumed daily and provides a great concentration boost. Long periods of study can also be strenuous on the eyes, especially with the amount of e-learning required due to safety measures in schools. Eu Yan Sang’s Power Up! Vision is enhanced with Wolfberries, Beiqi, and Baihe extract which are perfect for healthy eyes. It is a tasty treat that is perfect for consumption before or in preparation of any examination.

4. Gingko Biloba

TCM herbs and supplements
TCM herbs and supplements

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Gingko Biloba has been widely used for centuries for its therapeutic properties. It helps improve blood circulation in the brain, supporting memory formation and promoting concentration. It is also a proven antioxidant and reduces free radicals. Eu Yan Sang’s Ginkgo Biloba 12,000 also contains Lecithin which increases alertness and concentration and was developed using a patented formula made in America.

5. Herbal Soups

TCM herbs and supplements
TCM herbs and supplements

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Between exams, extracurricular activities and staying ahead of the curve, growing up with a competitive education system can be stressful for the little ones so do not neglect your child’s immunity in the meantime.

Consider homemade herbal concoctions to strengthen your child’s immune system and overall Qi. The herbs include Poria (Fuling, 茯苓), White Atractylodes (Baizhu, 白术), Euryale Seed (Qianshi, 芡实), Coix Barley (Yiyiren, 薏苡仁), Astragalus Root (Huangqi, 黄芪) and Chinese Yam (Huaishan, 淮山). Chinese Yam, in particular, can be consumed every day because of its mild and neutral properties. You can also try Eu Yan Sang’s Appetite Support Nourishing Soup and Eyesight Nourishment Soup.


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