Indeed love is a beautiful thing that keeps people happy and hopeful in life. There is no love without honesty and trust. Honesty and trust brings about understanding in a relationship.

It has been observed that you are wasting your time in a relationship when you don’t trust your partner. Also any body that is not honest, he or she is not supposed to be in love.

However, despite the fact that you have to trust your partner, there are some things you should keep as secrets. These things are supposed to be kept as secret because it may ruin your relationship and we both know that is not what you want.

1. How you enjoyed the quality times you had with your ex. As a man, it is not good to tell your woman how you enjoyed the quality times you had with your ex because it make make your woman feel less important and less desired.

2. The number of people you have slept with.

It is forbidden that you disclose the number of people you have slept with in the past. It is not good to tell your partner how many people you have slept with because if you do, it may change her perspective about you and may also rise trust issues.

3. Who you hate in her family. Dear men, on no account should you reveal to your girl friend the secret about how you hate a member of her family. Revealing that secret alon can ruin the relationship you both have.


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