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5 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

Tiger nut(cyperus esculentus) is a grass-like plant with edible tubers and a faint yellow cream kernel. It is commonly called ‘aki Hausa’ in Nigeria pertaining to the fact that it is commonly grown in the ‘Hausa’ land in Nigeria.
It could be consumed when fresh, dried or it could be processed into juice.

                         Health Benefits of Tiger Nut

5 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts
1)IT CAN HELP IMPROVE DIGESTION: Tiger nuts contain starch fibers that feed the friendly bacteria in the human body, thereby improving and quickening the digestive process. It also helps in relieving gas from the body and also helps in relieving diarrhea.
2)IT IS A RICH SOURCE OF MAGNESIUM: Tiger nut is a rich source of magnesium, which helps in the prevention of menstrual problems in women and also in building strong bones and teeth.
3)IT COULD BE USED TO CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: Tiger nut could be used to help reduce the level of blood sugar in the body. They are rich in amino acid arginine which may increase the production of insulin which is vital for blood sugar regulation.
4)IT COULD BE USED AS AN IMMUNE BOOSTER: Tiger nut could help in building a stronger immune system.
5)APHRODISIAC: It could be used to boost libido in both men and women.
5)IT IS A RICH SOURCE OF VITAMIN C: Tiger nut is a very rich source of Vitamin C, which is essential for the development of the gum of the teeth. It is also aid in the reduction of blood cholesterol
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