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Home Entertainment News 28-Years After She Acted Sarafina, Check Out Recent Pictures Of The Actress

28-Years After She Acted Sarafina, Check Out Recent Pictures Of The Actress

This post is about the physical transformation of the actress who was featured as Sarafina. If you were born around the 90’s then you must have watched this movie which talks about the hardships of being a black person in an Apartheid driven nation. We all enjoyed watching that film due to the lovely plot and most especially because of the Lead actress, her real name is Leleti Khumalo (born 30 March 1970) she has also featured in major films like “Hotel Rwanda” and “Invictus“.

The 50-year old South African is currently enjoying a simple life while he properly handles her self confidence living with Vitiligo. She is a recipient of many international awards from her roles in movies. She used to be a beautiful dark-skinned girl, but over the years, things changed.

This is the same girl who acted the film Sarafina, now older and a bit not recognized due to a skin condition but it is definitely not a disease and she never used any form of bleaching product, find out what really happened.

This is how Sarafina looks presently.

How It All Started;

According to Leleti, it began when she was 18, she observed white patches on her skin but had no idea what it was. And she never bothered trying to find a cure, as it seemed like a normal skin tag, not until it began to spread through out her body. Vitiligo has no cure.

She tried everything to get rid of them, but later she had to embrace her skin.

She is married, and gave birth to triplets, one of the baby died though, she is happy with her family and still active in acting.

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