Instagram Shut Down Speed Darlinton Account


Speed Darlington who went off on a rant today, slammed Instagram for taking down a photo of him sucking a lady’s boobs shortly after it was shared.

Speed Darlington who slammed Instagram after the photo of him sucking a lady’s boobs was taken down for the second time, stated that it was not a nude photo as no “sex part” was seen. He further called out people he described as “monitoring spirits”.

@instagram there is no nudity in this picture you can’t even see the nipple what is the big deal here? White people this is why many other race hates y’all. They tolerate you because of your haves. You over control shit smh. Leave my post alone for goodness sake people post more than this and you let it stay you have become a witch. Monitoring Spirit monitoring my page. As you monitor me may devil monitor your life Amen.”

Speed- darlinton-dailynaijamode

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