Nigerian female celebrities are one of a kind, asides being super talented, they are just a definition of beauty. The celebrities in the fashion industry are role models to many people and have got a lot of followers on their social media platforms. Exceptionally, these celebrities have banging bodies that keep their viewer glued to the television.

The gorgeous Nigerian fashion stylist and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani was born in 1982 from a very rich and prestigious family in Ekiti State. She is the CEO and creative director of her own company called Tiannah’s Place Empire and founder of the fashion academy.

There is no doubt that the gorgeous 39-years-old fashion guru and mother of two has definitely build a successful career and empire for herself in the entertainment industry. Her body, the way she carries herself and the sexiness she exudes has made a lot of people to worship her.

Below are the top photos of Toyin Lawani that will keep you glued to your screen.


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